Snappy Designz  last orders for cards, prints and digital downloads were 21st December 2020.  After this date, Snappy Designz will no longer be selling on Etsy.  All greeting cards and prints are now available to purchase directly from where you will find the prices much much cheaper!!!!!  Please do visit my collection.  All digital downloads will be available from the links supplied in the top menu bar.


Please note that I have had to add a re-CAPTURE option for those wishing to sign up to subscribe to Snappyscrappy in order to deter the spammers.   You will then be notified to confirm your email address first before your subscription is processed.   

JUNE 19TH 2019
I am very proud to announce that I am also now selling my designs through Creative Fabrica as well as through DesignBundles.  You'll find the link in the top menu bar where you can pick up some fantastic deals.

JUNE 14TH 2019
Please note that my Etsy store is currently going through a makeover, clearing out old stock and adding new and apologise for any  inconvenience.

Brand new Card collection for 2019 which are available to purchase from my Etsy store.  In my latest collection I've included lots of new Wedding and Valentine's Day designs as well as card for friends.  If  you would like to see a particular design added to my collection please feel free to let me know!

You will find a new collection of digital downloadable designer resources available from my DesignBundles store.  I don't always add new digital downloads to my Etsy store so always check my DesignBundles store first!  


For those who open their own stores to sell their card designs or any other type of products  please note that by copying my descriptions/text and pasting them on your website or store is copyright violation!     The original text belongs to me and by changing a few words here and there makes no difference, you have still copied my work.   If I have given permission for someone to copy my description in such a way does not mean that someone else can copy that persons description either.