Adding posts to Pinterest Tutorial
This is a tutorial for desktop users

1.  Go to your WASC designer page, where customers can select your cards.

2.  Select the card you want to pin and open up the page by clicking the "buy now more information".  This will bring up the main page for that card showing the url address in the top address bar.  Click on the URL address and it will highlight  in blue then press Ctrl C to copy it.

3.  Go to the WASC Pinterest Board or your own Pinterest page if you have  one and click the + button to add a pin. A box will appear.  In the box where it shows "save from site" click that box and then press Ctrl V to paste the url address from your WASC page that you copied earlier then press the > arrow shown next to the url address you have just added.    You should then be able to see the image from your WASC page.  Click on that image (it will highlight in red)  then click the Add to Pin button which will now show in red.  You can then add your title/description details then click the red Save tab and it will post it to the Weallsendcards Pinterest Board.  If you don't see your Pin, refresh the page.

If you add it via your own Pinterest board, you will have to select the correct board to pin it to i.e. Weallsendcards.   


Your WASC card page

Click on the url and will highlight in blue then Ctrl C to copy it.

WASC Pintrest Board

Select the + sign on the board page as indicated by the black arrow in the screenshot below.

The box shown below will appear.  In the box where indicated by black arrows, press Ctrl V to paste the url address

After pressing Ctrl V to paste your url address click the arrow next to  it to add the destination link

Your image will appear.  Click on it and it will highlight in red

You will now be able to add your title then click on the red Save button

That's it.  If you don't see your pin, refresh the page.